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5 Differences in the top 10 in US and Canada.

After a bit of marketing and cross app promotions between our Hafez app (100K+ users), 5 differences went on a wild ride yesterday.

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100,000 downloads on the App Store

Front Row Software’s iOS catalog has surpassed 100,000 downloads on the App Store. I am very proud of how far our apps have come. With the new redesign and re-branding of the 5 difference franchise, I’m sure we can double if not triple these numbers by the end of the year.

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I had the pleasure of demoing JobTorch at DemoCamp last October. The event was a lot of fun and I got to meet many talented developers and designers. There was plenty of enthusiasm and the response I got from the crowd was positive.

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Recent Articles


Simple butterfly simulation based on bezier curve

I’ve been meaning to warm up my iOS development for awhile and finally got a chance to get back into it.

A new version of the cocos2d framework has been released since I developed “Around the world in 5 differences.” So I figured the best way to get the hang of it, is to dive right back in. I don’t want  to turn this post into a super technical one so I’ll just highlight what I ended up making:

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Jan 50 unique visitors a day and 13,000+ job postings

Although has been online for quite some time, majority of its development ended two weeks ago. Since then traffic to the site has grown to 50 unique visitors a day. With new companies continually being added, is on its way to become the number one site for  Oil and Gas jobs

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Jan 10,000+ job postings from 70+ companies.

A new update went live last night. Job Torch  now features more than 70 companies and boasts more than 10,000 job posting.

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Nov now features 50 companies; More than 2,700 positions

After an intense programming marathon last week I managed to add 23 new companies to Our growing list of companies is now at 50. Will we hit 100 before the end of the year? I think so.

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Nov now includes Fluor, Worley Parsons, Amec and ExxonMobil. Job posts increase by 120%

It has been a busy week. I’ve been on a coding marathon for the past few days and have managed to get a lot done. Most of the changes are now in production and seem to be working correctly. Here is a short list of what’s new on JobTorch:

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Nov initial release

Well it’s been almost a year since our last update, however I can assure you my silence is not synonymous with being idle. In fact it’s been the exact opposite. Following the release of “Around the world in 5 differences” I started to think about the future and what Front Row should do next.  Front Row’s Apps reaching the 75,000 download mark all with positive reviews demanded a more ambitious project. I also wanted to work on something completely different. Having BizSpark and Microsoft’s MSDN subscription provided a wide scope of opportunities, and I wanted to make sure Front Row took full advantage of it. Read more »


“Around The World in 5 Differences” Trailer!

Check out the trailer for our first commercial title!


Front Row moves into AcceleratorYYC

As much as it’s awesome to get up in the morning and walk to your living room and be ready to work, there is a certain level of mental motivation that I personally get from dressing up and actually going to work. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s awesome not having to leave the house, especially winter time. But for me, I much rather separate where I work and where I live. Of course being a start up in a competitive industry, means it’s going be awhile before I’m bringing in any cash. So options for office spaces have been non-existent for the past few months. I spent sometime scouting shared spaces or cheap desks around Calgary. They were either completely out of my prices range or required a long term commitment. Also the initial cost of setting it up (furniture, etc) didn’t make sense for someone in my position. Read more »


iOS game development: How to innovate something that’s been done 100x of times before.

Since its launch in 2008, more than half a million apps have been submitted to the App Store. So naturally there is a very good chance, your idea has already been done. And when it comes to such a saturated market place, one has to wonder “how can I stand out”. How to present something that can be successful. Before going forward, I should tell you something. I am new to this. I have not submitted anything that has been featured by Apple or have made it big on the App Store (yet). So for the most part I’m probably where you are. And since we share that same mutual position, I figured I share my perspective and approach to having to compete with half a million other apps on the App Store… So here is my experience:  Read more »


Why Google Glass will not replace Smart Phones

I came across an interesting article on Linkedin awhile ago. Initially I was surprised it wasn’t somehow Facebook related but then I found it intriguing enough to actually write about it. It was from Business Insider titled “The End Of Smart Phone Era Is Coming,” Which you can read here. The overall premise of the article is that Google and Microsoft’s recent focus on augmented reality, is going to bring about the end of Smart Phones. If you don’t know what Google Glass is, here is a quick demo of it in action. After reading the article and spending some time thinking about it, I decided to focus on on what I believe are flaws in the its premise and predictions.

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