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November 23, 2012


“Around the world in 5 Differences” moves into QA.

by Reza Shirazian

Front Row’s first commercial title is almost done. Majority of its programming ended last week and the game has now moved into quality assurance and testing. As it’s going through its final phases, I have begun researching and finalizing its marketing campaign. This will be a challenging endeavor since I have little to no experiences marketing an app. However at the same time I couldn’t be more excited to see the game take form the way it has. Four months ago I didn’t have the vaguest idea of what cocos2d was, and now I got a full functioning game. I have a feeling the marketing portion of this project will end up being the same experience. A lot of stumbling around blindly until I figure out what’s the best way to market and sell the game. I will also begin documenting my experience researching, designing, implementing, testing and marketing Front Row’s first title for any independent game developer out there who might find it useful. These posts will be published in the coming days leading up to the games release( which I’m hoping to be December 15th 2012). Some will be technical, some will be theoretical and some will be my opinion.

For more information regarding the game check out its page by going here 

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  1. Nov 24 2012

    Woot!!! this is really exiting!!!! Congratulation on finalizing the project.

    • Nov 29 2012

      Thanks a lot Regis. Your continuous support since the beginning has meant a lot to me.


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