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December 12, 2012

Front Row moves into AcceleratorYYC

by Reza Shirazian

As much as it’s awesome to get up in the morning and walk to your living room and be ready to work, there is a certain level of mental motivation that I personally get from dressing up and actually going to work. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s awesome not having to leave the house, especially winter time. But for me, I much rather separate where I work and where I live. Of course being a start up in a competitive industry, means it’s going be awhile before I’m bringing in any cash. So options for office spaces have been non-existent for the past few months. I spent sometime scouting shared spaces or cheap desks around Calgary. They were either completely out of my prices range or required a long term commitment. Also the initial cost of setting it up (furniture, etc) didn’t make sense for someone in my position.

This is where AcceleratorYYC comes in. They’re an”entrepreneur led co-work space tailored to the unique needs and challenges of pre-launch and pre-product tech startups”. I had a chance to drop by and tour the place a few weeks ago, and have to say, that’s an accurate description.  Walking around, you see other start-ups working away behind their laptops. From spacious boardrooms to a fridge full of Redbull, AcceleratorYYC  has everything a start up could ask for. Located in Calgary’s Inglewood, across from Starbucks and minutes away from YYC’s downtown, the location is perfect for a start up. I had worked in Inglewood before and it’s fairly close to where I live so that’s a big plus. But getting to work along side other tech start ups in Calgary was probably what sealed the deal for me.

Now Front Row has its own desk at AcceleratorYYC, and although I can’t work wearing my pajamas anymore, I’m happy to be along side Calgary’s leading tech start ups. It’s going to be a lot of fun!


The space!


Great place to brainstorm ideas on the wall. Something I doubt my landlord would appreciate if I was to do at home


Cock Fighter and Pizza

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