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November 15, 2013 now includes Fluor, Worley Parsons, Amec and ExxonMobil. Job posts increase by 120%

by Reza Shirazian

It has been a busy week. I’ve been on a coding marathon for the past few days and have managed to get a lot done. Most of the changes are now in production and seem to be working correctly. Here is a short list of what’s new on JobTorch:

JobTorch now includes positions from:

  • Fluor

  • Worley Parsons

  • Amec

  • ExxonMobil


some amec positions now listed on

The biggest change of course are the inclusion of three major engineering firms that have extensive oil and gas clients. With Fluor, Worley Parsons and Amec added to the daily crawl, JobTorch job posts have increased to 1804 active positions. This is a 120% increase.

JobTorch is more “Social”:

  • Ability to send a job on Facebook.

  • Ability to tweet a job on Twitter.

  • Added a dedicated twitter account @JobTorchDotNet which goes through job posts and tweets them automatically. These tweets are posted on controllable intervals and are scheduled.  The tweets are generated by an automated cloud service and are structured to contain relatable hashtags so it provides exposure on the twitterverse. (It still needs more work, but it’s a good first step).

  • Tell a friend feature is updated to work with various email templates.

JobTorch is now (more) compatible with IE 7, IE 8 and IE 9. People with older browsers will now have an easier time navigating the site. But it still looks best on modern, up to date browsers.


@JobTorchDotNet generating an automatic tweet about a position. (Better #hastags to come….)

I also added a lot of backend features. Changed how the site deals with exceptions and errors. I also created a trigger that sends me an email if things are falling apart. (as they tend to do more that I would like).

JobTorch is an employment aggregate website for individuals seeking a career in the oil and gas industry.

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