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Front Row moves into AcceleratorYYC

As much as it’s awesome to get up in the morning and walk to your living room and be ready to work, there is a certain level of mental motivation that I personally get from dressing up and actually going to work. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s awesome not having to leave the house, especially winter time. But for me, I much rather separate where I work and where I live. Of course being a start up in a competitive industry, means it’s going be awhile before I’m bringing in any cash. So options for office spaces have been non-existent for the past few months. I spent sometime scouting shared spaces or cheap desks around Calgary. They were either completely out of my prices range or required a long term commitment. Also the initial cost of setting it up (furniture, etc) didn’t make sense for someone in my position. Read more »


Planning to develop an iOS game.

Four months ago I started researching for my first title. As I was browsing through the App Store I came up with a set of requirements that formed my overall framework going forward. Some of these requirements were based on the fact that I had a limited budget and other were based on what I had seen on the App Store and what I believed  would be recipe for a successful title:

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Front Row has been accepted into Microsoft’s Bizspark Program!

Front Row is now part of Microsoft’s Bizspark program. This is a great achievement for us. As a start-up company we now get to take advantage of the latest technologies offered by Microsoft. With access to a comprehensive MSDN subscription we get to use Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, SQL server 2008, Office 2013, the new Windows 8 and much much more, all free of charge. On top getting all these amazing software we’re also part of a network that makes it easier to find partners, market our products, find investors and reach our audience. Thank you Microsoft!