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Front Row moves into AcceleratorYYC

As much as it’s awesome to get up in the morning and walk to your living room and be ready to work, there is a certain level of mental motivation that I personally get from dressing up and actually going to work. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s awesome not having to leave the house, especially winter time. But for me, I much rather separate where I work and where I live. Of course being a start up in a competitive industry, means it’s going be awhile before I’m bringing in any cash. So options for office spaces have been non-existent for the past few months. I spent sometime scouting shared spaces or cheap desks around Calgary. They were either completely out of my prices range or required a long term commitment. Also the initial cost of setting it up (furniture, etc) didn’t make sense for someone in my position. Read more »


iOS game development: How to innovate something that’s been done 100x of times before.

Since its launch in 2008, more than half a million apps have been submitted to the App Store. So naturally there is a very good chance, your idea has already been done. And when it comes to such a saturated market place, one has to wonder “how can I stand out”. How to present something that can be successful. Before going forward, I should tell you something. I am new to this. I have not submitted anything that has been featured by Apple or have made it big on the App Store (yet). So for the most part I’m probably where you are. And since we share that same mutual position, I figured I share my perspective and approach to having to compete with half a million other apps on the App Store… So here is my experience:  Read more »


Why Google Glass will not replace Smart Phones

I came across an interesting article on Linkedin awhile ago. Initially I was surprised it wasn’t somehow Facebook related but then I found it intriguing enough to actually write about it. It was from Business Insider titled “The End Of Smart Phone Era Is Coming,” Which you can read here. The overall premise of the article is that Google and Microsoft’s recent focus on augmented reality, is going to bring about the end of Smart Phones. If you don’t know what Google Glass is, here is a quick demo of it in action. After reading the article and spending some time thinking about it, I decided to focus on on what I believe are flaws in the its premise and predictions.

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Planning to develop an iOS game.

Four months ago I started researching for my first title. As I was browsing through the App Store I came up with a set of requirements that formed my overall framework going forward. Some of these requirements were based on the fact that I had a limited budget and other were based on what I had seen on the App Store and what I believed  would be recipe for a successful title:

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Developing Apps for the iPhone

About a few months ago, my aging laptop started to act up. It’s an old Toshiba laptop I bought during my last semester at University. That was back in 2009. When my laptop’s screen started to flicker, I figured it’s time to buy a  new computer. Out of all my friends, I’ve been the last one to succumb to Apple’s marketing machine. Growing up on windows and working at a .NET shop for two years after my graduation, it felt kind of weird getting behind a Mac. it felt like betraying an old friend. But I finally caved in and ended up setting up a Mac station.

I figured since I’ve spend so much money, I’ll turn my expense into an investment. I began teaching myself Objective C. I bought a book and worked through some of its examples. I got myself familiar with xcode and wrote some trivial Apps. I also signed up with and worked through their Essential iOS development courses. After a month of learning and working through samples and playing around I decided to start a real project.  I wanted to work on a project that meant something to me. Something I can work on, design and develop and have it up on the App Store by the end. Basically experience the full cycle of App development for iOS.

It’s been two months since then and although I haven’t been able to commit as much as I would have liked, I’m happy to see “Project Mastan”  shape up the way it has.